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About Active Youth Zone

Based in Manchester, Active Youth Zone is a charity that utilises an expert team with 10 years of working experience to provide various opportunities to disadvantaged youth across the whole of the UK.

We work to develop youngsters through providing social and volunteering work, with our activities designed to give them the skills and tools needed for employment and future life.

Our Work

We work to empower disadvantaged young people to develop as individuals and enjoy new challenges through volunteering and social actions, whilst making a positive contribution to the community. This is achieved by providing young people with access to good quality volunteering, social opportunities, and supporting them to realise their own projects and ideas.

We meet our aims by focusing our work on young people and steering them to initiatives that address community needs and, in benefiting others, provide them with a sense of citizenship and community responsibility. We have a high local profile and are recognised as a credible voice for young people and for our activities within the community. Our activities prepare young people for life and work, by combining and strengthening volunteering and social action to links to employment, education, and training. Our focus is to generate in young people a sense of responsibility and ownership for their projects and to support them as they progress.

Welcoming Everyone

Active Youth Zone encourages the involvement of young people from all sections of the community, especially those who are at risk of social exclusion through disability, mental health issues, and economic deprivation. We ensure that all have equal opportunity to participate regardless of gender, religious and ethnic background, disability, sexual preference, or any other factor that may result in discrimination and prejudice.

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 Increasing Learning and Development Opportunities for Children across the Whole of the UK.

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